We offer diving excursions and PADI scuba diver training courses.
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Matana has a beautiful white-sand beach right in front of the resort entrance. It is an all-tide beach which means you don't have to walk for miles at low tide to reach the water, but can swim at all times.

Go straight off the beach or to the outer reef on the dive boat. We also have an exclusive snorkeling site with spectacular coral which is accessible by sea kayak or a 5 minutes boatride along the coast.

For small groups, we also arrange day trips to an amazing Marine Reserve with a good chance to see Manta Rays!



Day use of the sea kayaks from the Resort is complementary for guests at the resort. Picture yourself paddling in pastel aqua blue waters with miles of palm fringed beaches extending as far as the eye can see, colourful tropical fish darting underneath your kayak as you glide past a "bommie" (coral head).

Find your own deserted beach, swim in clear lagoon waters or just enjoy your solitude.

Escorted day kayaking with a guide and multi day trips can be arranged.




Directly behind the resort is a large rainforest with extensive walking tracks and wonderful views from the hilltop. The forest abounds with native birdlife.




There are three species found ONLY on Kadavu - nowhere else in the whole world. Some of the birds found on Kadavu include:

activitiesnew- Whistling Dove (also called Velvet Dove)
- Kadavu Fantail
- Kadavu Honeyeater
- Kadavu Parrot separate species Prosopeia splenders. Kadavu Shining Parrot - to give it its full name - is to be found in our own grounds.
- The Collared Lory is on Kadavu, but also on Viti Levu and Taveuni.

Learn about the Fijian culture and lifestyle by visiting the local primary school, attend a kava ceremony or a meke (traditional dance performance/concert). By invitation from the village elders, guest may be invited into the village. You are very welcome to attend the local church services on Sundays.

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