Namalata Reef
Stationary /valley diving
23mtrs Max
Fish life:
Schools of Clownfish varieties/Eagle rays/garden eels/Napoleon Wrasse
Reef Life:
Swim through of hard coral /Canyon like valleys/series of coral heads
This is like canyon diving, start by swimming through a big swim through and check the ambient light creep through the crevice like tunnel. Following that experience swimming through arches of different kinds to where you'll find on top of the coral head many different varieties of clown fish, also pop corn shrimp can be found on this divesite.
Time From Resort:
12 min


DIVE TRIP DIARY by Sam, Dive Boat Captain at Dive Kadavu:

3 October 2013:

The Canyon was great this morning with southeasterly wind blowing across & a little current running out which makes the water very clear & lots of interesting things to see. The Canyons,swim throughs with soft corals covered the ceiling & the walls,coral head covered with anemone fish[Nemo],sand eels & some bigger fish swimming across as we're on the side of the passage with lots of different types & colourful fish,divers really enjoyed their first dive today.