Namalata Reef
Night Dive Only/Stationary
Fish life:
Nudibranch (30-40cm long!!) /Octopus/Stone Fish/Lion Fish/Turtles
Reef Life:
All night soft coral /Basket stars/Featherstars
A very good site for beginners to learn how to night dive. Consists of two coral heads and a max depth of 16mtrs. Well advanced divers will enjoy this site also because of the marine life that can be found here. One big attraction is the giant size nudibranch that can be found wondering around looking for food,also the turtles.
Time From Resort:


Watch a FEATHER STAR video on YouTube:




DIVE TRIP DIARY by Sam, Dive Boat Captain at Dive Kadavu:

2 October 2013:

FeatherStar is one of the best sites which makes a day special for divers today seeing things for the first time in their life,banded pipefish,lots of different types & colourful fish,the corallife's really good with a little current hitting the wall makes soft corals give all the colours out…awesome,can't wait for another day out tomorrow…